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With over 25 Years Experience in Masonry & Masonry Staining, we have the knowledge and experience to transform your stone, brick or concrete into the look you want! 

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We are a team of professional and skilled experts in all aspects of Masonry Staining. We offer a wide range of masonry staining services and at the same time we are always glad to help you with your masonry staining needs. We work to ensure people’s comfort at their home, and to provide the best and the fastest help at fair prices. We stand for quality, safety and credibility, so you could be sure about our work.

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Masonry Color Correction

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Color Correction

Do you have repairs or replacements that don’t quite match up? M&N can help match your new masonry work to your existing project.

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We can restore damaged and deteriorating stone or brick and bring back vibrance to old, faded and worn stonework to bring back the vibrant original look.

Masonry Make Over

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Make Over

Is your current masonry work looking old and dated? Give M&N Masonry Staining a call and we can help make over you out of date stone work to look like new!

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Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

In June of 2021, brother owners Yan and Ilya Girlya of Diggerland USA set an aggressive agenda to design, than obtain all local, county and state approvals and then build a massive phase 2 waterpark expansion, more than doubling the size and have it open 3 weeks prior of to the 2022 memorial day weekend. This required a number of well respective industry contractors to achieve this monumental task. As the project got awarded to the contractors, a question was asked by Yan to the pool contractor, “who is your staining contractor?”. The response was they were still looking for someone who has the experience and can properly stain the shotcrete carving to look as if the wave pool walls were carved right into the a rock formation. To help them out, Yan had seen multiple posts on LinkedIn from Nick Ofak that his company M&N Staining can do the work. Yan sent a message via LinkedIn to Nick and got an immediate response. When Nick asked who the pool contractor was that is looking for the subcontractor; Vincent Pools was identified. Nick stated that he had worked with them on the Kroc Center in Camden. The marriage of M&N and Vincent Pools was formed. M&N had provided various staining samples along with product data and SDS for the project. Once the color selections had been accepted, the staining colors had been ordered. As soon as M&N accepted the subsurface, work had begun on time. The project was a hit for Diggerland as it really showcased the detail of the carved concrete with the applied stained and sealer. The M&N team was responsive and completed their work as promised. Looking forward to working with them in the future and we wish them good fortune with their other projects.

- Yan Girlya

M&N did a stellar job for a whole home renovation we recently completed. The exterior around the front door was very drab and outdated so the look of the white stain on the cherry brick really exceeded our and the client’s expectations. We didn’t want just a solid white paint look that came sometimes look too heavy. The stain still showed the beautiful and natural texture of the brick, while giving it a fresh, clean and updated look. We will definitely be using M&N again on our next brick staining project!

Mike Parnell, MPC Builders